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Synthetic Data

Synthetic data is the creation of new data based on real data. 

The newly generated data maintains the original statistical quality and data features while keeping the real data fully secured.

Kymera Labs' synthetic data is 100% safe and free of privacy and sharing limitations. Supporting testing environments, staging, AI, ML, open banking, and production, our synthetic data is an ideal solution for the banking and fintech industries.



Data Encryption 

Encrypted data can always be decrypted, and processing capabilities are limited. KYMERA LABS synthetic data is manipulative just like real data, it’s faster than encrypted data, generic, fully secure, and cannot be de-synthesized.


KYMERA LABS’ Synthetic Data

  • 100% safe

  • Maintains statistical qualities & data features

  • Fast processing and manipulation just like real data

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What’s it for?

Safe data sharing over API, without exposing the real data

Open Banking

Regardless of the amount of data generated, KYMERA’s synthetic data maintains data’s original features and reflects real-life scenarios and variations. Based on the real data we can create endless amount of data for training models.

AI & ML training and evaluation 

Eliminates the risks of data breach, yields significantly better test results, and shorter test cycles compared to anonymized or masked data

Testing Environments

Risk-free exploration and data sharing with 3rd parties. Our solution allows to use synthetic data for processing and apply the results onto the real data

Data Science 

And More...