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Securing Data Monetization

Data protection for data-driven organizations


Synthetic data is entirely new data based on real data. While the real data is kept secure and used only for specific necessary purposes, the synthetic data can be utilized for every other possible use case.

New Approach to Securing Data

Kymera’s Unique Advantages

Kymera has developed a new patent based mathematical approach for synthesizing data.    Using our synthetic data generator, synthetic data can be optimized and adapted to multiple data verticals, maintaining optimum levels of accuracy and compliance with privacy regulations

Multi tables data
and dependencies

Maintains outliers and Time sequences

Adoptable to any model

No data size limitations

(Linear complexity)

Make the most of your data while complying with privacy regulations


AI & ML training & Data Augmentation

Generate any amount of data while keeping all data features! synthetic data augments and balances your original data, and improves models accuracy.


Secure Data Sharing

Allows Risk-free exploration and data sharing internally or externally by applying the results onto the real data. Enables the data owner to maintain real time data sharing through multiples APIs.

Use Cases

Use Cases

Data Monetization

Organization are looking for ways to monetize their data and capitalize on it in order to rapidly develop tailored solutions to their customers. Customers profiling, fraud detection and predictive analytics are depended on solutions likes

Secure Cloud Data

Cloud enabler. Safety harness the power of cloud processing and sharing without any confidentially and privacy concerns.


Secure Test Environments

Kymera’s solution eliminates the risk of data breach, yields significantly better test results, and shorter test cycles compared to other solutions.


Our synthetic data is suitable for any data driven industry, such as:





and more...


I’m pleased to confirm that you achieved a great accuracy with your synthesized data

Head of Data
International Bank

The ONLY proven solution for generating data while keeping all the deep features of the data

Head of AI
Tier 1 Bank

Models train with Kymera’s data consistently achieved on par or higher accuracy results when compared to models trained on original data set

Fintech Company

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Tech Stack

Tech Stack

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To rapidly develop tailored solutions for their customers, organizations are looking for ways to monetize and capitalize on their data. However, securing data throughout these processes has become a key challenge

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